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nina ong bio

Nina Ong will show you how to craft engaging cross-platform digital experiences and build a culture where collaboration, imagination, and strategic risk-taking thrive. As Vice President of Product Design at Discovery, Inc., she does just that for a beloved portfolio of brands, including Food Network, HGTV, OWN, and the flagship Discovery Channel.

Nina believes in creating immersive, joyful, and easy user experiences for every audience—whether the experience be an energizing internal initiative or differentiating consumer facing project. She has applied her human-centered design approach and team building acumen to a wide variety of pursuits, such as creating groundbreaking digital classroom products for Amplify, designing mission-critical systems for the City of New York, developing content for an Emmy-winning PBS children’s show, defining mathematical models for Wall Street, and even training to be a flying trapeze instructor.

Nina’s innovative work has been recognized by Medium, Storybench, How Magazine, the Art Director’s Club, Macromedia, the Markle Foundation, and the Center for Digital Government. She holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Pratt Institute. Nina was a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University and currently teaches Design Thinking for the pioneering Journalism + Design program at The New School.

brian heck bio

Brian J. Heck is a strategic marketing director with over 20 years of experience in non-profit arts and events leadership. Over the course of his career he has honed his skills as a brand storyteller, working with multidisciplinary creative professionals to produce dynamic campaigns that highlight an organization’s unique value.

With a decade in leadership at Symphony Space and another ten years as Director of Marketing for the American Symphony Orchestra, and more recently The Orchestra Now, Brian has led teams in promoting and positioning a wide variety of events—from music and dance to theater and film—creating innovative initiatives that developed loyal audiences and resulted in sold out performances at such venues as Lincoln Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Symphony Space, and Carnegie Hall. 

Brian believes the key to fostering connections and enriching experiences lies in breaking down the barriers between artist and audience. It has been the guiding principle of his career, and also serves him well in his commitment to LGBTQIA+ advocacy. A long-time volunteer and leader with NYC Pride, Brian currently sits on the executive board of the mission-driven organization as the March Director, marrying his expertise in audience experience to his passion for community representation in service of equality and love.

Magnolia's America
Kindra Blog

We Heard You (and your OB/GYN)

At The Kindra Innovation Lab, we’re always learning.

Something vital we learned early on is that traditional vaginal applicators you find at your local drug store are unnecessarily invasive and wasteful. When we created our revolutionary vaginal lotion formula, we knew we had to find a better way for you to get meaningful relief where you actually need it. So we invented an entirely new applicator, designed to provide hydration directly to your most sensitive area—just inside and around your vaginal opening (AKA: your introitus, if we’re being scientific). We continue to be proud of this groundbreaking accomplishment, created by women with your comfort as our highest priority.

But the thing about learning is it never stops. In our ongoing work with renowned, field-proven OB/GYNs and leading women’s health experts, as well as our steadfast commitment to listening to you, our Kindra community, we have learned something even more vital.

The very best applicator for The Daily Vaginal Lotion is simply

That’s right. Since you only apply lotion about an inch or less inside your vagina, a finger is all you need. In fact, what we’ve learned through listening to you and the experts is that finger application allows for better precision and results in even less product waste. As an added convenience, there’s nothing to sanitize between uses beyond simply washing your hands. And while medical-grade silicone is more sustainable than plastic, it’s not biodegradable, so putting less of it into the world is even better for our planet. 

Now that we know all of this, it’s time to do something about it. 

Listen, we’re not going to sell you something that you just don’t need. It’s time to say goodbye to our little applicator that could. It was an innovative leap in the right direction, because it helped us get right here—to an even more empowering and straightforward solution.
You are all the applicator you need to get the relief you need, which is actually pretty awesome. 

We realize some of you may miss the applicator, and we feel you. It’s been our baby! But the overwhelming customer feedback and clinical counsel is that finger application is not only a good option, but—in fact—the
best option. And we want nothing but the best for you. Always. 

Thanks for going on this journey with us. Here’s to learning, improving, and growing together.



Head of Product & Education