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apartment therapy

Sarah Apartment Therapy

“Don’t be afraid to take up space in a small space.”

Home is and should always be personal. I moved to my dream apartment in a Brooklyn brownstone in the midst of a global pandemic, and Apartment Therapy documented the story of my new home, largely told in my own words.
All Photos By: Darragh Dandurand

“I always say your story is my business, and that philosophy extends to my interior design approach too.”

“There are remarkable women living life to the max all around you. There’s nothing more inspiring than that.”

“I’m the daughter of highly-skilled tradespeople, and I think that’s where this appreciation for professional craft comes from.”

“I’m a collector and my home is a little like my own private museum of personal treasures.”

“Everywhere you look, there is art. Everywhere you turn, there is joy.”

“I believe the role of a designer is not to treat your home as their canvas; it’s to help you make it yours.”